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Uganda and the US: A Tale of Two Elections

By: Ryan Lafferty

Capitol riots, the inauguration of a new administration, and the historic second impeachment of an American President, the landscape of the American government has been rife with uncertainty, insurrection, and chaos.


But alas, the U.S. doesn’t possess a monopoly on contested elections, nor does it reign supreme when it comes to political and domestic instability. Last month’s general elections held in Uganda are proof that the authoritarian leanings and incendiary rhetoric of contemporary American politics has spread abroad in pernicious and hazardous ways.

Redditors Take On Wall Street

By: Julia Hoesk


On January 27th, 2021 the state of the stock market caught the attention of national news and even the White House.

President Biden and His Faith

By: Andrew Maglio

While still so much is yet to be seen about how Biden’s faith manifests in his political efforts as President, one thing is sure: Biden is not shedding his faith.

Partisan Insurgency

By: Connor Reardon


Ever since 2016, with the rise of Trump, and the side effects of this, the American political landscape has drastically changed.


We will analyze these factions, within both parties, and the respective struggles for dominance within the parties between them.

The Persistent Prejudice of the SAT

By: Samantha Bernstein-Naples 

This article will explore the extent to which racial prejudices undermine the credibility of the SAT by focusing on the origins of the exam as well as the discrepancies between the educational resources available to Black and White students in order to acquire a better understanding of the effectiveness of the SAT as a primary criterion for college admissions. 


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