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Sports Schmooze: The Current State of National Sports

By: Noah White

Since the last publishing of the Conard Courant a variety of developments have occurred throughout the sports world. A historic coach lost to his rival to end his career, the preseason NBA title favorite traded a star player and lost in the first round, and the MLB figured out how to actually play. A lot has changed since early February. Here is a review of recent major sports events and their resulting impacts. 

Reduce, Reuse,
Re-Purpose Clothing

By: Emily Fleischmann

With summer right around the corner, many tend to expand their wardrobe in preparation. Seeking out stores for secondhand clothing is a perfect place to start your shopping spree. Although thrifting is frequently a victim of stigma, it can be beneficial to you, your earth, and the community!

Who was Dee Dee Blanchard?

By: Jawahir Mohamed

Gypsy Rose Blanchard, a victim of munchausen by proxy, was sentenced to a 10 year prison sentence for killing her mother (Dee Dee Blanchard). But what was actually happening behind all of the attention, donations, and heartfelt from society?


Sharks: Predator or Prey?

By: Ella Garbarsky

The word “shark” alone is enough to startle anyone who hears it. The stereotype of sharks is that they are bloodthirsty monsters. Many hold the flawed perspective that every time we set foot into the ocean, a shark is going to eat us. The truth? Sharks are one of the most misunderstood animals in the ocean--maybe even on the planet. The only thing scarier than seeing a shark in the ocean, is not seeing one at all.