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Review of Recently Released Media

By: Jennifer Schlichting

The show One Day follows the main characters Emma Morley (Ambika Mod) and Dexter Mayhew (Leo Woodall) through their wonderful, yet complicated relationship. 

On the day of their college graduation, they finally talk to one another after having a crush on each other throughout college. They have a few drinks, and then they end up back at Emma’s place, both expecting the same thing, which never ends up happening. They talk for hours instead, till the sun starts to rise. At times, it is awkward and embarrassing, but most of the time, conversation flows naturally. Emma is hilarious, and Dexter is charming. Eventually, this night ends, and they spend the next day together, both desperately trying to cling to one another until Dexter has to leave. 

After this night together, they stay in touch as close friends. They send each other letters and postcards, meeting up every few months, maturing together, and going through life's stages together. They were dependent on each other; not only were they the others’ emotional support, but they were each other’s person—the person who really, truly knew them the best. They went through life together—the highs and lows—and supported each other through unemployment, breakups, and divorces. But, even after all of this, they find each other again, but this time as something different, as lovers. 

 This show was based on the book “One Day." There is also a movie adaptation by David Nicholls, but I can’t say how it is because I haven’t watched it. This story is truly something special. I haven’t ever seen something like it, from the relationship these two characters have to the amazing portrayal of emotions by the actors. One thing that I do want to bring up is the name “One Day." Most people would assume that it means one day you’ll find your person, your love. This title truly means that you should live life to the fullest and live every day fully because you never know when that one day will be your last. This is truly an amazing piece of art, and I highly recommend that you watch it.

Furthermore, the movie Damsel is different from the genres I usually watch, but I was pleasantly surprised. It follows Elodie (Millie Bobby Brown) trying to escape from a bloodthirsty and confused dragon. 

Elodie is from a poor kingdom whose people are suffering from the cold and from starvation. To help their people, her father, the king, marries her neighboring kingdom’s prince. When she gets there, she meets Prince Henry, whom she gets along with quite well, and luckily she isn’t nervous to marry him anymore. The night before her wedding, Elodie’s stepmother tells her that she doesn’t think she should marry into that family anymore, as she felt uncomfortable by some of the strange things the queen of the neighboring kingdom said. After her marriage, she goes up into the mountains with her new husband. They complete an ancient ritual to honor their ancestors by cutting their hands and combining their blood to officially include her in the family. Prince Henry carries her across the bridge, ignoring her protests, and tells her to close her eyes. He then throws her into the chasm below. She realizes that for centuries, princesses have been thrown there as sacrifices for the dragon who lives below. The sacrifice keeps the kingdom safe from the dragon’s wrath. She tries to escape the cave, but upon realizing there is no way to escape, she embarks on a journey to freedom. Follow her as she fights to survive the sacrifice, the dragon, the mountain, and her own fears.

 This movie was very different from a lot of movies in the media currently. It was really interesting, as it was almost her perspective the entire time, and that was something that I didn’t expect too much but did enjoy. It was a good movie overall, and the acting was phenomenal. I 100% recommend this movie for a late-night Netflix binge when you’re looking for something fun.



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