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Auditory journalism, discussion and more


Conard Current is Conard High School's first-ever, student-produced news podcast. Listen to on-demand coverage of the "current" happenings surrounding and concerning Conard High School students.

Episodes release roughly every other week!

Contact us at or if you are looking to get involved. We are always looking for anyone interested.


Calling all the Hunters is a podcast in which Conard students play the acclaimed tabletop game, Monster of the Week. Join them as they uncover the mysteries of Credence, South Dakota, the enigmas surrounding a supposed divine power, and the secrets of the government agency R.O.S.E. Due to unpredictable dice rolls, 90% of it is unscripted...there's no telling what could happen next.

Episodes release every week. [ON HIATUS]

Contact us at

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