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The opinions expressed in these works represent those of their author's and do not necessarily reflect that of the Conard Courant as a whole or its Editorial Board.

Midterms are over, Should they Return?

By: Bryn Huber & Kathryn Torla


This is an opinion piece discussing the value of midterms, its impacts of students, and possible alternatives to the midterm process within school systems.

Should America Lower the Legal Drinking Age?

By: Erica-Mary Khan


The US has one of the highest drinking ages in the world, yet we also have one of the most unhealthy and dysfunctional relationships with alcohol. So, would it help if the legal drinking age was lowered?


By: Emma Callahan

A look at childhood and when it truly ends.

Top Ten Movies for Post-SAT Emotional Rehabilitation 

By: Aidan Policelli


Overwhelmed by the SAT process? Too many stressors in your life? Here are the movies for you!

Where do we Draw the Line?

By: Ella Garbarsky

Most people have seen the movie Terminator. Even if you are not a sci-fi, action, robot loving person, you probably have still seen it. It’s a classic. Supposedly, the movie is set in “the future”- in the year 2029 which now does not seem so far away…at all. Now, of course I am not alluding to the fact that “Skynet” might take over the world with a new line of nearly indestructible robots called terminators…or am I? A look at A.I.

Are AP’s For You?

By: Bella Egress

Transitioning throughout high school can be challenging. It is important to understand what classes are best for you.

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