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How Effective Really is Community Block?

By: Gabriella Nobou

With Conard’s transition from Red Zone to Community at the beginning of last school year and the continuation of Community in the 2021-2022 school year, several students including myself have expressed concerns regarding the true effectiveness of the Community program in terms of prompting meaningful discussions in the classroom, and acting as an engaging experience for all students. Community’s constant reinforcement of embracing identity, intersectionality, and fulfilling the “Vision of the Graduate'' is a positive initiative taken to empower the student body and promote student success, however, these are not the only matters worthy of discussion.

Uyghur Muslims

By: Jawahir Mohamed

An ethnic cleansing is currently happening in Xinjiang, China, yet it is kept undercover, ignored and dismissed because President Xi Jinping is in denial. Uyghur Muslims are a ehtnic group mostly living in Xinjiang, however their government does not see them as citizens, but rather as terrorists. Uyghur Muslims are reliving what Jews in the Holocaust went through in the concentration camps, having to be segregated from housing and public areas and more. Most concerning of all, the misleading propaganda told from President Xi Jinping is convincing citizens, and even world leaders, to be indifferent.

The Importance of Authentic Queer Representation in Media

By: Samantha Bernstein-Naples

Queer representation in film and on television has come a long way since Peter Panama of “The Corner Bar,” became the first recurring queer character on American television in 1972. Like many of the early depictions of queer people in media, Panama embodied gay stereotypes that forced the few onscreen LGBT characters into narrow, suffocating boxes. Queer representation was bound to the narrow confines of how straight people saw queer people instead of how queer people saw themselves, coloring the straight audience’s views of the LGBT+ community in often problematic and offensive ways. Fast forward to the present day and the vast majority of current television programs and movies include some form of queer representation. Queer youth are growing up and seeing themselves on screen and in the media more and more. Not only that but the range and the diversity of these characters have grown exponentially.

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