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The College Admission Process Needs A Change

By: Andrew Maglio

By trimming what it is not necessary to college applications and emphasizing other more genuine, personal areas, college admissions may become a less stressful process for all students.

The Origin of Our Strife

By: Connor Reardon

By tracing the heritage of the present state of disarray, only then can we get to the root of the problems which face our institutions, and supplant them with something greater

Gender Neutral Bathrooms: Why We Need Them

By: Samantha Bernstein-Naples

This article will explore the campaign for gender-neutral bathrooms in order to achieve a greater understanding of the true importance of an issue that at first glance appears trivial but beneath the surface speaks to how our world continues to evolve each and every day sparking heated debates around every bend and spurring much needed social change. 

Eating at School in the Midst of a Pandemic: Is It Safe?

By: Rebeccah Fleischmann

As the clock inches towards 1 pm, my body aches for food. Yet, I persevere through my stomach rumbles and growls until school ends. Being hungry is a small price to pay for not catching COVID.

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