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Debating the Effectiveness of Block Scheduling vs. 8 Period Scheduling Next School Year

By: Gabriella Nobou

As confirmed on May 19th, Conard will return to its former 8 period schedule next school year. While this is good news to some students, others share a preference for this year’s block scheduling. However, there are clear pros and cons to consider when advocating a preference for block scheduling next year. In addressing the negatives of the current block scheduling format, it is important to note that students may face an academic disadvantage due to the A/C day and B/D day setup excessively spacing out students’ weekly courses.

The Struggle of Taking an AP Course Online

By: Chase Rovero

As the end of the school year approaches, remote students are given a chance to reflect upon their academic success during this unprecedented time. While course selection was limited to fully remote students, there were some optional Advanced Placement courses for students to challenge themselves with. And a challenge it was, as I decided to enroll in AP Biology with the pressure of managing the workload and ensuring my understanding of each passing unit.

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A Senior Reflects on Her High School Experience

By: Gabi Zhalov

Everybody always says that high school is amazing. Or the best four years of your life. Or the time you will always remember. Maybe even the time you would return to had you the chance.

Respectfully, I have to disagree.

A Junior Reflects on Her Year

By: Julia Hosek

Wow. What a year. I think we can all agree that this school year brought upon a lot of challenges. I would like to take the time to reflect on what just happened, as well as look towards the future. Personally, my school year actually went really well. I’ve had the best grades of my scholarly career, I stuck through the month of AP exams, and I made it out of my junior year unscathed.

Getting Political in the Classroom: An Analysis

By: Samantha Berstein-Naples


As the divide between liberals and conservatives continues to deepen, political discussions have become increasingly charged. It has started to feel nearly impossible to engage in conversations with people from across the aisle as political discussions threaten to bring powerful emotions crashing to the surface.  For the nation's youth, it can feel incredibly daunting entering an environment plagued by political polarization. It seems natural that schools, as institutions of learning, would bear the responsibility of preparing students for the heated debates and pressing political matters they are sure to face beyond high school, however, the threat of bias, minority voices being stifled, and passion spilling over into anger and misunderstanding, looms large.