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The opinions expressed in these works represent those of their author's and do not necessarily reflect that of the Conard Courant as a whole or its Editorial Board.

Care for Your Garden: The Conard Restoration Project

By: Sofia Turek


Right in front of the school, there is an abandoned garden, now home to dried trees and weeds. Let’s attract wildlife instead.

Marine Habitat Loss

By: Ella Garbarsky


When most people consider what the term "habitat loss" entails, the ocean doesn't come to mind. However, it is a pressing issue that only continues to spiral.

How Stereotypes Make People Join Clubs

By: Sofia Turek

Stereotyping is present in our community, take a look at how.

Womens' Wavering Voices

By: Emily Fleischmann


Girls have increasingly become more hesitant to speak out in classrooms, based on observation. Have you fallen victim to this problem in our supposedly inclusive school environment?

Senate’s Hearing on ChatGPT

By: Harini Sridhar

Should the government regulate artificial intelligence?

The Legends of the Meal Voucher

By: Christina Griffin


Disney World is the most magical place on Earth. One might talk about their experiences with the rides or the concert they played. Anyway, here’s what I bought for lunch each day with a twenty-dollar voucher

Wellness 9

By: Sofia Turek


If you’re a disabled 8th grader coming to Conard, please read this.

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