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The opinions expressed in these works represent those of their author's and do not necessarily reflect that of the Conard Courant as a whole or its Editorial Board.

Cat Adoption Patterns

By: Vivien Hudec


As the holiday season approaches, awareness is necessary when thinking of adopting an animal.

Halloween Costumes

By: Lillian Norton and Sabine Ashworth


The history of Halloween, costume suggestions, and costume predictions. 

Taylor Swift Proves with the Eras Movie that she Truly is a "Mastermind"

By: Kiersten Sipe

First Taylor Swift broke Spotify, then she broke Ticketmaster, then Google, and now, she’s selling out theaters across the globe. Read more to learn more about Swift’s unmatched devotion to her fans.

Freshman Seminar: Is it Helpful?

By: Kelly Fleischmann


Each year, freshman have to take the mandatory Freshman Seminar course for a semester. Click to read the perspectives of a few of these students on whether or not the class is valuable.

The Sparkled Box

By: Emma Callahan

We build them a beautiful castle, yet it always crumbles. 

Milk in Cafeterias: An Issue of Health and Opportunities For Moving Away From Dairy

By: Julian Hartland


We’ve all seen milk in our school cafeteria. The reason why is deeper than consumers realize.

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