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What's going on at Conard and around town?

SPS Students Put on "Fictional Character Day"

By: Charlotte Willson

During the past two weeks the Specialized Performance Study (SPS) students partook in Fictional Character Day, an event in which SPS students take on the task of embodying a character from a book.

March 7th, 2021

WHPS Staff to be Vaccinated in the Coming Weeks, Full In-Person School's Return on the Horizon, Per Recent BOE Meeting

By: Rushil Yerrabelli

At the March 2nd Board of Education (BOE) meeting, WHPS Superintendent Tom Moore made a few key announcements regarding the Spring of 2020-21 School Year. 

March 4th, 2021

Successful Mock Trial Season Ends as Students Win Multiple State
Special Awards

By: Katelyn Czajkowski 

In recognition of Black History Month, a new mural has appeared in the main hall. Tributes to influential Black activists, politicians, and more

March 1st, 2021

Conard Art Department Paints New Mural For Black History Month

By: Ben Davis

In recognition of Black History Month, a new mural has appeared in the main hall. Tributes to influential Black activists, politicians, and more

February 28th, 2021

Student Council Polls 400+ Students

By: Connor Reardon

For those readers who are unaware, the Student Council recently conducted a survey through google forms regarding the Hybrid 2.0 schedule, and how students are handling the unprecedented school situation. The survey touched on subjects such as ability to remain focused, concerns about extracurriculars, and the overall Hybrid 2.0 system. In addition, open ended questions gave students the opportunity to give their own direct input on a number of matters.

Conard Mock Trial Triumphs in Court, Advances to Next Round 

By: Katelyn Czajkowski

After months of rigorous practice, the Conard High School Mock Trial team sparred against other schools across Connecticut in the first round of what promises to be a challenging competition

A Follow-Up: An Examination of the Conard Chieftain

By: Alexandra Bernstein-Naples

In this article, I will analyze the process of change that took place in 2015 through the perspectives of Brian Wilson, student leader of the movement to retain the mascot, Rachel Yousman, student leader of the movement to eliminate the mascot, and Tim Decker, science teacher at Conard High School and a proponent of the compromise to retain the mascot while eliminating the imagery. I will then employ their perspectives in order to gauge the broader implications of the 2015 controversy, and the necessary next steps to be taken in order to make the Conard Community more inclusive and equitable. 

MAMI Moment

Community of Concern, has been running an antiracist action posting called “Meaningful Actions Make an Impact (MAMI). We here at the Courant, are helping to highlight some of them!

Winter Sports Now In Full Swing

By: Clare Gilles

The sports seasons started on January 19th consisting of basketball, ice hockey, gymnastics, and boys swimming. Competition is scheduled to begin on February 8th, and with daily COVID forms being completed by athletes, as well as proper CDC guidelines being followed, students are looking forward to a winter sports season with a few minor changes.

Conard Adapts To Save The Musical And More

By: Ethan Mathieu

Conard Performing Arts has announced that they will be putting on a show: Little Women, a classic coming-of-age era story that follows the progression of four sisters. To get more information on how Drama is adapting, I corresponded with Nora Wilson, the Stage Manager.

Town Green Takes New Name

By: Natalie Gavalis

As of November 29th of this past year, a section of land located in the center of town has been renamed to better reflect the values of the community.

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Mindfulness in School

By: Gabriella Nobou

Mindfulness teaches everyone -  students and staff alike - positivity, mindful thinking, coping skills, meditation, self care, and widens your perception of self and others. 

Students Restart Enviormental Club

By: Clare Gillis

Passionate on the issue of climate change herself, Conard High School junior Molly Brown wanted to help spark change on a local level and help get Conard more involved.

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