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What's going on at Conard and around town?

Summary of the Fall Sports Season: A Great Rebound

By: Noah White

The Conard fall sports season of 2021 featured a variety of successes and new accomplishments among the teams that took the field, court, course, and pool. Last fall, as students were filing into school for the first time in over half a year, the fall sports season never seemed to get off the ground. A season plagued with Covid stoppages, incomplete playoffs, and a delayed start prohibited the Conard student-athletes from fully competing in the athletics they have grown to love. That changed this fall.

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Free the Earbuds

By: Emily Fleischmann

Many high school students take the opportunity to listen to music as often as they can. However, a disparity exists between the beliefs of teachers and students on whether or not this should be allowed during school hours.  When it comes down to it, do the beneficiary factors of listening to music in class justify permitting students to do so despite the potential conflicting desires of adults?

Tom Moore Named Connecticut's Superintendent of the Year

By: Kate Maglio

Tom Moore, West Hartford's Superintendent, was named Connecticut's Superintendent of the Year this past Friday November 12th, 2021, at the CABE/CAPSS Convention. Out of all Public School Superintendents in the state of Connecticut, Tom Moore was selected in recognition of the many ways he has benefited our school system since becoming superintendent in 2014.

Conard Students Celebrate School Spirit Week

By: Claire Flynn and Andrew Maglio

During the week of November 15, Conard celebrated Spirit Week by dressing up in different costumes that corresponded with each day’s theme. These festive themes were Pajama Day on Monday, Anything But a Backpack Day on Tuesday, Decades Day on Wednesday, Multicultural Day on Thursday, and Color Wars on Thursday. All students and faculty were welcome to participate, which often led to fun spectacles throughout the hallways as Conard’s creative costumes added joy to the Conard school day.

Chieftains on the Volleyball Court

By: Safina Shakeel

Conard High School’s girls volleyball team has dominated its season, an extraordinary feat that demands some applause. With an impressive record of 17 wins and 2 losses, it has been an exciting season both on and off the court for the girls.