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Conard's Response to My Sexual Assault: Why We Need Change

By: Ally Bernstein-Naples

I have always believed in the strength of the Conard community. When I’ve written for the Conard Courant in the past, my articles have always been to challenge our school to work for all of its students. I talked about the harmful effects of Conards former native mascot and the racial disparities in honors and AP enrollment. I always had faith in our strength to grow. This year, when I was raped, Conard’s system failed me. I am writing this article in hopes that once again the Conard Community can step up, and ensure this never happens again.


Bathrooms Broken, Bladders Blocked

By: Emily Fleischmann and Kate Maglio

Destruction of school property has been a pressing issue for months on end. Conard High School’s Head Custodian Mr. Ferreira delivers an important message to the community vandals: “You don't need to destroy everything just because you're not feeling right about something.”

Conard Spring Sports Season: A Curtain Call

By: Noah White

The birds are chirping, the weather is warming, and just as every year, Conard spring sports are back! After a 2021 spring sports season which included limited spectators and rescheduled matches, spring sports have returned in full swing. A season which signifies the closing of a lengthy and tiring academic year is currently fostering ten different teams all experiencing some level of success. To go along with the early season success of the spring programs, the winter programs also finished since our last published issue with two teams competing in state semifinals or farther. Here is a recounting of closing of the winter athletics season and an update on the current state of Conard spring athletics.

Historic Conard Coach Retires After 2021 Fall Season

By: Noah White

“You can’t win here” were the words Coach Adam Linker was told by a staff member when he first took the job as the Conard Varsity Boys Soccer coach. Coach Linker was doubted and challenged throughout his stint coaching at Conard but continuously exceeded expectations and took the Conard program to uncharted territory. In his years as coach the team made their way to state quarterfinals multiple times and continuously put up winning records.

The End of First Semester: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

By: Clare Gillis

Beginning in the days leading up to winter break and plaguing the town for weeks following the holidays, West Hartford recently endured the most widespread COVID outbreak since the beginning of the pandemic. With an unprecedented amount of absences, Conard had to make numerous adaptations during such an onslaught of cases within the school.