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What's going on at Conard and around town?

Spring Issue 

Junioritis: Is it Real?

By: Bryn Huber and Morgan Robinson


Everyone knows what senioritis is, but how many people know what junioritis is? This piece places a comedic spin on an opinion piece discussing the reality of junioritis and possible solutions to counteract this end-of-year laziness. 

Conard’s Tennis Arrangement

By: Patrick Huaman

Conards tennis programs, both boys and girls, have experienced challenges as the tennis courts have not been completed.

Conard Boys Volleyball: A 2023 Success Story

By: Julian Hartland

The current boys volleyball team has experienced an exciting season. Even with the odds stacked against them, they pulled through. Read about how!

Everyone Wins Initiative

By: Jeff Rosborg 

Conard students Jeff Rosborg and Anish Pokhrel have filled out and won a grant for Conard to invest $20,000 within our community. Learn about the new innovations and aspects brought to Conard to last for generations.

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