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School & Local

What's going on at Conard and around town?

Spring Issue

Les Misérables

By: Vivian Hudec and Sofia Ferraro


Conard’s boldest musical yet, is showing this weekend; get your tickets while they last!

Conard Community Difference with Juliana Farquharson

By: Nora Elnemr

Hear from Juliana about what it was like to be a stage crew member!

Wrap-up of Winter Sports

By: Bella Egress and Maddy Santangelo 

As the winter season has come to an end and spring sports are upon us, here's a brief wrap up of the winter seasons!

Mock Trial Competitions

By: Christina Griffin


Ever wondered what Mock Trial does? Here's a peek into the club and its competitions this year.

Teacher Spotlight: Featuring Mr. O’Connor 

By: Emma Callahan and Ella Garbarsky


A quick look into the life of beloved history teacher Mr. O’Connor.

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