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New Student Council Named

By: Connor Reardon

In the week leading up to the contentious 2020 Presidential Election, we had our own election here at Conard ...

So We Called An

By: Ally Bernstein-Naples

On November 3rd, The Conard Courant accurately projected the results of the swing states of Florida, North Carolina, Nevada and Arizona.

An Examination of the Conard Chieftain

By: Ally Bernstein-Naples

An examination Conard’s own experience with an Indigenous mascot, specifically, the movement to change the mascot and abolish the Chieftain caricature in 2015 and the conflict that ensued.

Conard Girls' Soccer 2020: A Review

By: Clare Gilles

The Conard Girls' Soccer Team was able to complete a full season despite COVID-19. Here's what happened.

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