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Fall Issue

Why is Hoco a No-go?

By: Emily Fleischmann

With homecoming right around the corner, students are debating whether or not to be in attendance. The school's last homecoming dance clearly encouraged this discussion, but how so?

Conard’s Tom Verrengia Inducted into the USA Softball of Connecticut Hall of Fame

By: Kate Maglio

Conard’s Tom Verrengia recognized in the USA Softball of Connecticut Hall of Fame for his dedication to the sport.

New Year, New Principal, New Beginnings

By: Saksham Tiwari

Mr. Hines expressed his excitement for this brand new school year, and shared some words of wisdom!

Is 4 Minutes Enough for Passing Time?

By: Makaila Sawyer

In a recent survey that I and a few other students conducted in AP Research titled Passing Time Questionnaire, I examined how effective students perceived the 4 minute passing time to be.

Becoming the Red Wolves: The Need for Swag Entering the New School Year

By: Gabriella Nobou

With Conard going through a transitional period of mascots, it is now more important than ever to show school pride.