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What's going on at Conard and around town?

Winter Issue

Unified Sports at Conard High School

By: Bella Egress and Maddy Santangelo


Despite a crosstown rivalry, Conard and Hall High School students came together for a successful fall unified soccer season, and are looking forward to the start of Unified Basketball this winter!

Public Art and Murals Coming to Conard

By: Jennifer Schlichting


Click to read about the exciting new murals coming to Conard!

The “Year of Transition”

By: Sofia Turek


After my freshman year, I played games more rarely. I started taking school and independent projects more seriously. How did I do that?

A Parking Lot Makeover

By: Nora Elnemr

Conard’s parking lot will undergo a ‘makeover’, which includes a fresh coat of paint!

Winter Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Triplett

By: Lilah Krajc & Abby Mari


This issue’s Teacher Spotlight features a young individual aspiring to be the best educator he can be. It is Mr. Triplett’s first year teaching, and it won’t be his last!

Financial Lit and Friends

By: Sofia Turek


Financial Literacy courses being mandatory for freshmen impact all grades. A sophomore describes how this gives her some social complications that may apply to others for the next few years when Financial Lit is taken by 10-12th graders. 

Winter Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Bassi

By: Emma Callahan and Ella Garbarsky


Ella and Emma who are both editors for the Conard Courant were tasked with  choosing one teacher at Conard for the Teacher Spotlight issue this month. After careful discussion, the girls chose the History teacher, Mr. Bassi, who encapsulates everything Conard stands for and more.

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