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Who are we?

The Conard Courant is a quarterly newspaper that focuses on the Conard High School and West Hartford communities. It provides Conard students, staff, faculty, and alumni with a platform to share passions, opinions, stories, and information.


How do I Join?

We welcome any student who wants to write for the newspaper. If you're interested in submitting a piece, email one of the managerial staff members for further details:

Noah White, Editor-In-Chief (

Gabriella Nobou, Editor-in-Chief (

Kate Maglio, Managing Editor (

Kate Czajkowski, Managing Editor (

Emily Fleischmann, Managing Editor (

Alternatively, you can contact us through social media (@theconardcourant).

What does the Courant publish?

There are seven sections of the Conard Courant: School and Local, The Arts, USA & Beyond, Opinion, Podcasts, S & P, and The Archive. This diverse selection allows students to, essentially, write about anything they want. From international politics to short stories, the Conard Courant has a place for everyone's interests.

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