Express Yourself.

Portrait Series

By: Sofia Levesque

View two original oil paintings by a junior in AP Studio Art.

Zehr's Fares - No. 1

By: Elizabeth Zehr

Learn easy to make vegan dishes!

Iwo Jima Watercolor

By: Sandro Gaudio

View an original watercolor painting by a Conard senior.

Shades of Blue

By: Anonymous

Read an anonymous poem about one student's "shades of blue."

That's Gay

By: Emma Marcella

Living in such a progressive time, most people would assume that homophobia no longer exists. Many adults would even say that as a society we’ve gone too far in accommodating the requests of some. However, homophobia is still very much present in this time. It’s in the air, stinking up the school halls, scribbled on the bathroom walls, and poisoning the ears of the impressionable youth. It’s an energy rather than an idea, created to keep queer teens from being too comfortable with themselves, to keep things as they were. One might go as far as to say, to keep things like the majority would like. 

12 Holiday Wishlist Ideas

By: Kate Maglio

With the holidays right around the corner, it’s about time to start crafting up your gift wishlist! So I decided to scour the internet so you don’t have to! Here are some ideas:

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