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Portrait Series

By: Sofia Levesque

View two original oil paintings by a junior in AP Studio Art.

Zehr's Fares - No. 1

By: Elizabeth Zehr

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Something You Should Know

By: Bridget Mooney

Read an original poem by a Conard senior.

First Semester Art

By: Maddy Brennan

View three original paintings by a Conard senior.

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Lyndsay Grimes: Punching Up the Patriarchy

By: Maddy Brennan

Content Warning: Murder, Sexual Violence

Lyndsay Grimes is an American painter who focuses her art on a “quirky tragic beauty.” Her work is popular online for its edgy feminism. As both a painter and feminist myself, I was ecstatic to have the opportunity to converse with her and have a few of my questions about her artwork answered. 


By: Katelyn Czajkowski

my yellowing wings, my waning strength

each feather sags 

encrusted with pus from neglected wounds

weighed down by miserable sighs

the heartache is unbearable

‘aim down, aim down’, it whispers

just a lovely little nosedive…