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Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift: An Update on Their Lives

By: Amaia Colón and Izzie Hathorn

These days, it’s hard not to hear the name Taylor Swift daily. Swift is always doing something to keep her loyal and dedicated fanbase engaged. Recently, news of her new relationship with Travis Kelce surfaced. Kelce plays tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, and as you can imagine, since their relationship became public, he has received quite a lot of attention.


Taylor Swift is one of the most influential people at the moment. Born in West Reading, Pennsylvania, this pop star and singer/songwriter has had quite the career. She has won twelve Grammys, forty American Music Awards, and numerous other awards. Swift’s fans, known as "Swifties," have gained a reputation for being very protective of Swift’s life and relationships, as well as taking a great interest in everything related to her. Throughout her noteworthy career, Swift has been shamed for the relationships she’s had. She’s also been shamed for her weight and her strategy. She has been accused of being manipulative, a villain, annoying, too skinny, along with so many other negative accusations. 


However, she has done many remarkable things. Regardless of your opinion of her, you can at least recognize how talented and successful she has been throughout her career. She has set multiple records. She has the longest number one hit in history; she’s had the most streamed album on Spotify in twenty-four hours; she is the first woman to have four albums in the Billboard charts top ten; and she has broken so many other records. She is a very talented songwriter, as she wrote her third studio album, Speak Now, all by herself. Lately, Swift has been busy touring all over the world. Her tour has been very successful, just like her career. Some people may not like Swift because of her new relationship and because of the attention she has gotten because of it, but it is safe to assume that Swift deserves all of the attention she has received due to her hard work.

With the spotlight on Travis Kelce, his life has changed drastically. He has received much more attention online as well as in person; sales of his jersey have spiked, and he’s been hugely impacted by the famous love story. He seems to be loving the attention, knowing that an entire additional fanbase is watching his every move. Travis was drafted by the Chiefs in the third round of the 2013 NFL Draft and later went on to win Super Bowls 54 and 57. He also referred to being happier in a relationship with Taylor than when he won the Super Bowl. Travis Kelce is considered one of the best tight ends of all time, holding the NFL record for most overall seasons with 1,000 yards receiving by a tight end with seven. Travis Kelce also co-hosts New Heights, a podcast, with his brother Jason, as well as being the star of the reality TV show Catching Kelce. Kelce’s professional career is very successful and impressive, which is also true for a certain pop star he’s currently in a relationship with.



Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift out in Public Together

Some of the attention that comes with dating Swift became too much pressure for her past relationships. This relationship doesn’t seem to suffer from that problem, though. Both seem content with the attention they're receiving, whereas some of Taylor’s other relationships have been kept secret for long periods of time, eventually getting caught out at some point due to Paparazzi. Some fans wonder if the Paparazzi are the cause behind some of the pressure in Taylor’s past relationships. However, with Taylor and Travis’s dynamic, they seem to be much more open with their relationship being out in the public, as they’ve both shown up for each other in either games or concerts, and Travis even made his opinion on her known before it was officially announced they were dating. Either way, between the two of them, most fans can agree it’s a perfect match.


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