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Les Misérables

By: Vivien Hudec and Sofia Ferraro

For the past few months, students have been spending numerous hours daily after school preparing for this year's spring musical. Last year, the drama department performed Frozen, described as a “Disney family-friendly musical” by director Ms. Parker. However, this year, Ms. Parker, choir director Mr. Eurich, and orchestra director Mr. Wyatt decided to go a different route with the show Les Misérables. 

Ms. Parker describes the 90+ students participating in this musical as “the right mix of students and voices” to take on the risk of doing a two-hour musical in Les Misérables. This production is especially challenging, as it is performed entirely through song. Sirina Garba, who plays Cosette, describes how this musical is also unique in that there are “so many different stories that you can follow,” which is different from Conard’s more recent musicals. Benjamin Dollar, who plays the lead, Jean Valjean, describes Les Misérables as “a caliber that has never been done at Conard” and an “emotional” and “powerful” masterpiece that cannot be missed. 

The story takes place in the 19th century, following Valjean, a poor French man who ends up in jail for stealing. After being released from prison, Valjean transforms his life and creates a new identity for himself, eventually owning his own factory. Later on, he fires a single mother who struggles to recover from losing her job. On the woman’s deathbed, Valjean agrees to take care of her child, Cosette, and from there, the adventure begins. Les Misérables is an evocative story touching on love, loss, and humor, and Conard students bring the show to life in an amazing and unforgettable way.

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