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Unified Sports at Conard High School  

By: Maddy Santangelo and Bella Egress

In recent years, the Conard and Hall unified sports team has developed into a successful program. The program has shown a new sense of community and inclusion for all students involved. During the 2022–2023 school year, the West Hartford unified sports team had a strong group of seniors that helped support and promote the program. Fortunately, for unified sports, they set a strong example of unity and encouraged more students to join the program.


The new team started off their fall soccer season on September 21st with an attendance total of around 60 members. During the season, the team worked on a variety of new skills to prepare for their end-of-season tournament. Coach Russell, Unified Sports Co-Coach and math teacher at Conard, reported that the team’s goals were to “improve individual and team performance and to have fun." The team easily achieved these goals with fun, collaborative games and drills during their practices, in addition to small group scrimmages. Some of these activities included passing and dribbling lines, relay races, and agility games. 


Not only did these activities create a fun, accepting atmosphere for the athletes, but many members of the program described the practices as a time to meet new people and bond with people they met through the team. The several weekly practices and constant support for each other prepared the team for their annual end-of-season tournament, which the West Hartford team hosts. The team hosted other high schools such as Bloomfield, Farmington, Glastonbury, and more. Collaboration was one of the key elements for the West Hartford program when hosting the tournament. The members worked together to officiate, keep score, play in the games, and most importantly, cheer each other on!

West Hartford Unified Sports at the Soccer Tournament on October 25th

Due to the successful outcome of this year's soccer season, the team is very eager for the basketball season this winter. The coaches have high expectations for the program this winter season and are looking forward to the first practice. The basketball season includes several weekly practices in Conard’s gymnasium and an end-of-season tournament at Glastonbury High School. The main goal for the team for the upcoming season is to maintain a strong sense of community within the program.


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