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Special Issue - Earth Day 2022

In Collaboration with The Earth Day Project

A Message from
The Conard Courant + Earth Day Project Team

Hi Conard! We hope you were able to enjoy Earth Week! The Earth Day Project team is beyond excited and grateful to work with the Conard Courant to create a special Earth Day issue for you to celebrate the 51st Anniversary of Earth Day. 

The Earth Day Project team is dedicated to properly celebrating Earth Day and raising awareness about our changing environment.

One of the most important roles the paper fills is acting as a forum for student discourse and discussion on important and complex issues. We take pride in providing a platform for students to express themselves and espouse their ideas. Therefore, we are excited to collaborate with the Earth Day Project to help people learn more about our planet. Without further ado, we'll hand it over to them. Enjoy the bonus issue!

Earth Day 2022 - Special Issue

An Environmental Perspective on the Impacts of the Conflict in Ukraine

By: Sarah O'Leary

On February 24th, Russia invaded Ukraine which soon escalated into the largest humanitarian catastrophe in Europe since World War II. So far, thousands of soldiers and civilians have been killed, millions of Ukrainans have fled, and billions of dollars of infrastructure has been damaged. While the world should rightfully focus on the welfare of the humans in this conflict, there are also devastating environmental consequences occurring simultaneously which demand attention.

Green New Deal

By: Molly Brown

While many have heard about the Green New Deal being debated on the news, few fully understand the actual proposal. The Green New Deal is essentially a plan created to mitigate climate change. It was introduced by Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York and Senator Edward J. Markey of Massachusetts. Not only does their plan work to decrease the United State’s reliance on fossil fuels but also create jobs in the future of green industrial efforts, This name and official deal was inspired by a group of young adults, the Sunrise Movement, who held a sit-in with Nancy Pelosi, in the year 2018 following the midterm election, to protest the poor climate action being taken in the government at the time.

Connecticut's New Climate Solution

By: Arlo Tucker


A new form of climate legislation is spreading around the state, promising a brighter future to towns that adopt it.

Seaworld's Harmful Practices

By: Clare Gillis

Many places who have vowed to protect endangered species have failed in the past, causing public outrage at the dangerous conduct of animals. Perhaps the most notable of all of these is the incidents that occurred at Seaworld with their Orcas.

Lessons From American Environmental Policy

By: Grant Walters

The environment has been a central focal point by numerous presidential administrations in the last century, resulting in comprehensive legislation that has aided in the effort to save the environment on not only a national scale, but on an international level.  However, these policies would have never been passed without the activism of various individuals and organizations. As citizens, we must follow in the footsteps of the activists to guarantee an environmentally-sound future.

Sustainable Foods

By: Lauren Palaia

You may have heard the term “sustainable” used by a chef or read it in a health magazine, but what exactly does “sustainable” mean when relating to food and eating? Here are three easy ways to incorporate sustainability into your lifestyle!

Protect the planet by how and what you eat!

California Wildfires: What's Wrong and What Can Be Done

By: Samantha Bernstein-Naples

Following the 2020 California wildfire season, the most active in recorded history, concerns surrounding the spread of wildfires have only heightened as 2021 becomes a record dry year, threatening to make for an even more destructive fire season. Wildfires have been ravaging California since 1932, devastating the environment, communities, homes and lives. The severity of the fire crisis is the result of a wide variety of factors ranging from candles to climate change.

The Problem of Littering

By: Jeff Rosbrog

Go outside, look around, and what do you see? Food wrappers, paper, cigarette butts, and all sorts of litter. Next to nature, trash is the next common thing to see outside, a frequent sight that needs to end.

Changing Bad Habits: The Key to Saving the Environment 

By: Grant Walters

To put it simply, we have a dire environmental problem. There’s no denying that climate change doesn’t have a substantial impact on everyday life. In our everyday lives, we witness the powerful effects that climate change has brought upon the Earth, which have been detrimental to vast aspects of all life and human society. However, this doesn’t mean we can give up on the environment, since it’s our duty to help restore it and persevere to leave a sustainable Earth for posterity.

The History of Earth Day (Infographic)

By: Natalie Gavalis

Learn about the history of Earth Day from its genesis with the 1962 publication of 'Silent Spring' to its effect on the global modern environmental movement through this colorful, engaging infographic.

Fast Fashion -- The Unseen Killer

By: Mason Capone

Have you or a friend ever bought from SHEIN, H&M, or Zara? Probably! The prices are so cheap for the cutest and most fashionable items for every season. These brands are some of the many fast fashion brands in the world. Fast fashion refers to the mass production of trendy and inexpensive clothing by big brands- and it is killing our planet.

Covid-19 and the Environment: The Bad and the Good

By: Clare Gillis and Sarah O'Leary

When the coronavirus pandemic continued to worsen, virtually everyone's lives changed dramatically. With millions missing out on milestones such as graduations, weddings, concerts, sporting events and more, normal life came to a screeching halt. In a series of unprecedented events, suddenly everyone was strongly encouraged to socially distance in order to maintain the safety of themselves and everyone around them and to follow CDC guidelines. While these trying times are typically remembered now as a time for dying hair, watching tiger king, and making whipped coffee among other odd ways people found to keep themselves occupied, lockdown has had a drastic effect on the environment as well. The pandemic not only affected people, but every other inhabitant of Earth and even the planet itself. While it yielded some negatives, there were also extreme positives that quickly made themselves known, with COVID showing the good and the bad that comes with a life altering virus.

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