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Green New Deal

By: Molly Brown

While many have heard about the Green New Deal being debated on the news, few fully understand the actual proposal. The Green New Deal is essentially a plan created to mitigate climate change. It was introduced by Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York and Senator Edward J. Markey of Massachusetts. Not only does their plan work to decrease the United State’s reliance on fossil fuels but also create jobs in the future of green industrial efforts, This name and official deal was inspired by a group of young adults, the Sunrise Movement, who held a sit-in with Nancy Pelosi, in the year 2018 following the midterm election, to protest the poor climate action being taken in the government at the time. 


As the global temperatures continue to climb, so does the concern for the planet. Originally crafted in 2018, the Green New Deal is still up for debate and something that demands attention as the climate crisis heightens in 2022. Some goals outlined in the GND include the entire world reaching net-zero emissions by 2050, meaning that all carbon released into the atmosphere has to be absorbed. This world-wide goal would require the United States to take major steps to reach. Another key part of the Green New Deal entails the United States turning to a “10 year mobilization” plan where the country would shift to 100% renewable resources for all electricity and transportation use. The Green New Deal is just as much about the planet as it is for the economy. The increase in employment through jobs for manufacturing, engineering and managing clean energy sources would lead to a wealth of jobs. 


Now in 2022, there have been advancements in this plan. In order to move closer to the plan, the government must reduce its connections and reliance on fossil fuel companies. While President Biden had made promises to push through bills in support of the Green New Deal, he has faced continuous grid lock through the senate, making it impossible to create effective and necessary change. It is important to note that the Green New Deal is not just one bill to be passed through the government, rather different sets of policy to be implemented in order to tackle climate change. 


While advancements with the Green New Deal continue to struggle through the government, there is still hope in fighting this climate crisis thanks to the many passionate people working all over the world in groups just like the Sunrise Movement alongside people like Rep. Ocasio-Cortez and Senator Markey.






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