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From the 2022 Earth Day Project Team

One of the most important roles the paper fills is acting as a forum for student discourse and discussion on important and complex issues. We take pride in providing a platform for students to express themselves and espouse their ideas. Therefore, we are excited to collaborate with the Earth Day Project to help people learn more about our planet. Without further ado, we'll hand it over to them. Enjoy the bonus issue! 

- The Conard Courant Editorial Board


Hi Conard,

We hope you were able to enjoy Earth Week! The Earth Day Project team is beyond excited and grateful to work with The Conard Courant to create a special Earth Day issue for you to celebrate the 52nd Anniversary of Earth Day. 


The Earth Day Project team is dedicated to properly celebrating Earth Day and raising awareness about our changing environment. In celebration, we decorated Conard’s main first floor hallway and held a virtual movie night event. 


This year, we had a specific focus of educating. Therefore, we created various content-based opportunities for students to participate in such as: creating posters and informational Instagram posts, generating our own website, and writing articles for the Courant. Fortunately, extracurricular activity restrictions at school slightly eased up so we were able to hold in-school gardening events and trash clean up events at Conard. This way, we could give back to our environment.


Check out our website for more information! If you are interested in joining this project for next year, join the Google Classroom with the code: hfjccxy.  


It is important to educate yourself and then take action and the necessary steps to protect our only planet. It is vast, precious, and full of life that needs to be properly valued for what it is worth. Luckily, our planet is extremely resilient, however, it needs our help to thrive in the future. Let’s take one step forward together for our planet!


We hope you learn something new from these environmental articles in this special issue and it expands your understanding of nature and your appreciation for the planet.


Best regards,

The 2022 Earth Day Project Team

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