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Conard Boys Volleyball: A 2023 Success Story

By: Julian Hartland

The current boys volleyball team has experienced an exciting season. Even with the odds stacked against them, they pulled through. Read about how!

June 15th, 2023

Marine Habitat Loss

By: Ella Garbarsky


When most people consider what the term "habitat loss" entails, the ocean doesn't come to mind. However, it is a pressing issue that only continues to spiral.


By: Aidan Shea

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Last Updated: 6/15//23

The Conard Debrief

  • Conard recently has begun selling new gear as the change of mascot settles in.

  • Conard Boys Volleyball reached the State Class L Semifinals

  • Conard High School is continuing a variety of community initiatives this year. Read about last year's book drive, run by the Conard Courant, here.

  • The year is over!

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Quick updates paired with Conard journalism

Senate’s Hearing on ChatGPT

By: Harini Sridhar

Should the government regulate Artificial Intelligence?

Will McCarthy’s Debt Limit Deal Cost Him His Job?

By: Harshil Yerrabelli

Far-right legislators, who have resisted increasing the nation’s borrowing limit for years, were not afraid to share how they thought Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy proceeded during negotiations with President Biden over avoiding a federal default.

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The Children Next Door | Emma Callahan


5 Feel Good Animal Stories | Elyanne Roen

The Legends of the Meal Voucher | Christina Griffin

+ Much More!

Care for Your Garden: The Conard Restoration Project

By: Sofia Turek

Right in front of the school, there is an abandoned garden, now home to dried trees and weeds. Let’s attract wildlife instead.

Conard’s Tennis Arrangement

By: Patrick Huaman

Conards tennis programs, both boys and girls, have experienced challenges as the tennis courts have not been completed.

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