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Conard Student Launches
Inter-School "Hope for Human Rights" Fundraiser

By: Clare Gillis

Hoping to help nonprofits because they ¨give so much to the community, and it only makes sense for us to give back¨, Conard Student Maya Palanki has worked tirelessly to ensure that the fundraiser runs smoothly and concretely, benefiting the community.


April 5th, 2021

Violence Against AAPI: The Painful Past and How to be Better in the Present

By: Clare Gillis

Following an exponential increase in violence against Asian American Pacific Islanders (AAPI) over the past year, national attention has been drawn to the issue. Many claim that these horrific displays of violence are un American and abnormal responses to the pandemic, yet the media's hesitation in deeming the attacks in Atlanta as hate crimes coupled with the claims surrounding violence against AAPI are only proving what many people have been stating for months- anti-Asian sentiments are as American as they come.

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The Conard Debrief

Last Updated: 4/5/21

  • Conard Mock Trial Took Home a Range of Accolades. Read the full story here.

  • Conard Drama's Next Play Will Be Little Women. Read the full story here.

  • For two months, starting mid-February, students around CT will be running Hope for Human Rights, a collaborative fundraiser geared towards protecting human rights. Through this fundraiser, groups of students at schools around Connecticut are raising money through various types of fundraisers for two months. It will be almost entirely run by students, with a leadership board of students from each school. At the end of the raising period, the money will be pooled and split between local nonprofits chosen by the leadership board. For a chance to become a leader, be creative, and make a state-wide impact, volunteer for Hope for Humans Rights! You can apply to be on the leadership board or volunteer to be a part of it in any way. Fill out either one of two forms: Leadership Form, General Volunteer.  If you have any questions or know of students at other schools, who would like to get their school involved, email 2022MayaP197@student.whps.org.

  • The Conard Courant hosted a Book Drive! Read the full story here

  • Specialized Performance Study Class is writing a new nonfiction play, The Chieftain Project, which follows Conard's journey with the Chieftain mascot. The play will be put out in the Spring.

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Black and Hispanic Students are Severely Underrepresented in AP Classes: An Analysis

By: Alexandra Bernstein-Naples

Conard High School’s position as an academically and athletically excellent school is undeniable. Conard produces students equipped for a lifetime of hard work and success. But just like almost every public system in our society, Conard’s exceptional program of studies works better for some students than others. Despite an enduring commitment to racial equity, Conard’s Black and Hispanic students are massively underrepresented in Advanced Placement courses.

Finals or AP Exams? How About Neither?

By: Rebeccah Fleischmann

Many of us AP students are slammed with homework and tests on the weekend and Mondays. Why are we forced to struggle through difficult assignments designed to prepare us for exams that we won’t even get credit for at most top institutions?

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Returning to Mostly Normal: Conard's Journey Through Online and In-Person School

By: Samantha Bernstein-Naples 

The numerous transitions that students and faculty have experienced over the last year have undoubtedly taken their toll on members of the Conard community. To explore what is hopefully the final stage of the transition process, I sat down with English Teacher Rory Bryan, Science Teacher Mariah Cruz, Sophomore Gabriella Nobou, Junior Akshat Juneja, and Senior Arianna Fandozzi, to gain their perspectives on hybrid learning and the shift to full in-person school.

The Model UN Club Voyages (Virtually) to Clark MUN

By: Grant Walters

Last Saturday, the Model UN Club at Conard participated in Clark MUN, an annual conference held at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts. Read about how they fared competing with other students from across the country (and the world)!

Conard Sports: Reflecting on the Winter Season and Looking Forward to the Spring

By: Clare Gillis

Wrapping up winter sports and transitioning to the spring season

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