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Care: America’s Troubles with School Shootings

By: Noah White

On Monday, October 24th, a gunman opened fire within Central Visual and Performing Arts High School in St. Louis, Missouri, in what was yet another example of an on-going problem. But do you know any more than that?

November 3rd, 2022

Renaissance Time

By: David O'Connor


I attended a Renaissance fair with some friends a few weeks ago, intending on interviewing fair-goers about their experience and other thoughts on Renaissance fairs. Some were more enthusiastic than others, but they were all very kind and talkative. Here is a specific interaction I had, along with other entertaining interviews.


By: Aidan Shea

The House on the Corner

By: Ella Garbarsky

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Last Updated: 11/3/22

The Conard Debrief

  • Conard recently settled on a visual representation of it's new mascot, the Red Wolves.

  • Conard Drama will be holding the play Frozen this coming year. They are coming off of attending the Sondheim Awards with multiple nominations.

  • A CHS dodgeball tournament is being held after school on Tuesday, November 22nd. Teams must register in advance.

  • Conard High School is continuing a variety of community initiatives this year. Read about last year's book drive, run by the Conard Courant, here.

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Quick updates paired with Conard journalism

New Year, New Principal, New Beginnings

By: Saksham Tiwari

Mr. Hines expressed his excitement for this brand new school year, and shared some words of wisdom, in a short interview with the Conard Courant's lead correspondent, Saksham Tiwari.

BookTok: What Has It Done?

By: Brigid Feeney and Christina Griffin

There are plenty of trends on TikTok that come and go. And then there’s BookTok. Is this trend like the others, or will it shake up a whole industry? A look into the benefits and detriments of a new social media trend.

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Becoming the Red Wolves: The Need for Swag Entering the New School Year | Gabriella Nobou​

The Chess Cheating Scandal and Technology’s Impact | Harshil Yerrabelli

SEL  vs. Community: A Freshman’s Perspective | Sofia Turek

+ Much More!

Call Jane: A Call To Action

By: Emma Marcela

Call Jane, coming to theaters on Oct. 28, shares the struggles of women seeking an abortion in the 60s. Who knew a movie based on events 60 years ago would bring light to an issue that is still heavily debated today? Call Jane may just be what we need as a society to end the debate on abortion once and for all.

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

By: Erica Khan

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and now is the time for abuse to truly end! With each day that passes, more lives are effected by abusive individuals. It is time for us to put an end to this. This pieces touches on some of the signs of abuse, something that can help allow for the proper assistance to be provided when needed.

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