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The Conard Debrief

Last Updated: 2/5/21

  • Conard Mock Trial Took Home a Range of Accolades. Read the full story here.

  • Conard Drama's Next Play Will Be Little Women. Read the full story here.

  • For two months, starting mid-February, students around CT will be running Hope for Human Rights, a collaborative fundraiser geared towards protecting human rights. Through this fundraiser, groups of students at schools around Connecticut are raising money through various types of fundraisers for two months. It will be almost entirely run by students, with a leadership board of students from each school. At the end of the raising period, the money will be pooled and split between local nonprofits chosen by the leadership board. For a chance to become a leader, be creative, and make a state-wide impact, volunteer for Hope for Humans Rights! You can apply to be on the leadership board or volunteer to be a part of it in any way. Fill out either one of two forms: Leadership Form, General Volunteer.  If you have any questions or know of students at other schools, who would like to get their school involved, email

  • Winter Sports Has Begun! Read the full story here.

  • Specialized Performance Study Class is writing a new nonfiction play, The Chieftain Project, which follows Conard's journey with the Chieftain mascot. The play will be put out in the Spring.

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