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Winter Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Triplett

By: Lilah Krajc & Abby Mari

Kyle Triplett grew up in Bethany, Connecticut, with his older sister by four years and his parents. Growing up, Triplett had a profound interest in teaching and helping kids on their journeys. However, it wasn’t until his freshman year of high school that Triplett realized that he wanted to pursue a career in teaching. When he got older, his sister chose to become an educator, which was the defining factor in his decision. She inspired him, and he wanted to be like her and follow in her footsteps. Triplett said, “Hey, you're a teacher; now I want to be one.” His parents were very supportive of both him and his sister when they chose to become educators. Their support in his career gave him the motivation to keep working hard.


Originally, he wanted to teach math, but then he “started doing more math and hated it.” Moreover, he soon decided that path wasn’t for him due to his undying passion for chemistry. After high school, he went to Central Connecticut to study chemistry education. He lived on campus for two and a half years, with a major in chemistry. 


After graduating from Central Connecticut, Triplett had his first teaching interview with Conard High School. He really enjoyed the process and got to know the Conard community, which sparked his interest in teaching at Conard. When being asked as a starting-out teacher if he thought the other teachers were good mentors, he responded, “Yes, amazing; actually, there are definitely a few teachers that I can go to and know they’ll have my back.” Kyle Triplett describes working at Conard as a “breath of fresh air."


Triplett believes that the major (or only) downfall of being such a young teacher is being so close in age to the students. However, the upside is that because he’s so similar in age to his students, he feels he can truly connect with them and that they understand each other better, which helps them have a better learning experience. Triplett understands the challenges students face and can guide them to overcome these difficulties. When asked what his favorite part about being a teacher is, Triplett said, “Knowing that in the future I'll have an impact on students' lives.” Kyle Triplett is currently 23 years old and happily teaching science classes at Conard High School, which he plans to do for the foreseeable future!

Thank you for your time, Mr. Triplett!

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