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Letter From the Editorial Board - Spring Edition

Dear Conard,

It's hard to believe that three quarters of the year have already passed! We here are the Courant are happy to bring you another issue of the paper to help keep you informed on the surrounding our school.

In this issue you'll find an analysis of the uptick in hate crimes against AAPI Americans and what can be done by students, a breakdown of the underrepresentation Black and Hispanic students face in AP Classes at Conard, news about the Hope for Humans right fundraiser and much, much more.

On the frontpage, you'll find updates on the Drama department and stories about student triumphs in state competitions. Remember to follow @theconardcourant on Instagram so you are aware of exactly when we publish these sorts of stories, as we sometimes publish news stories on a rolling basis, outside of a full issue!

As always, the Conard Debrief is open if you have something shorter you want to submit to the paper and we are always looking for new writers, designers, podcasters and columnists! If you're interested in getting involved, please email any of the members of the Editorial Board on the staff page under "About Us".

We hope you enjoy exploring this issue!


The Conard Courant Editorial Board


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