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Letter from the Editorial Board – Fall Issue

Uncertainty defined our return to school this year. After a summer of oscilating Covid-19 conditions, and a subsequently dynamic educational landscape, students, teachers, parents, and administrators all had to prepare for another quarter that would present new challenges.

Luckily, this fall, we have seen many of Conard's defining activities and distinguishing features return amidst loosening Covid-19 restrictions. Football games with spectators, spirit week, and an overall greater atmosphere of community has emerged from the trials the Conard community has faced over the past 18 months.

During this fall quarter, Conard saw academic successes–marked most notably by 3 perfect AP Exam-scoring students–and athletic successes, including great team records and a plethora of individual class/state titles in sports from diving to cross country.

As you read this issue, reflect on some of the new developments at our school, and as we will be doing, look forward to the rest of the year to come!

The Conard Courant Editorial Board


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