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Allison Moynihan & Elizabeth Thibault

Conard has a large variety of sports to play in the Winter season. All teams have had great seasons and have most of February still to play. Come and support your fellow classmates and friends! Most of the Hall v. Conard games are listed and a few others before the end of the season.

Starting off with boys and girls basketball! They are both having good seasons with either being so close to a win or a winning record. Come and cheer on the boys team with Conard facing Hall at home on February 19, with varsity at 11:00 am, JV at 9:30 am, and freshmen at 12:30 pm. For the girls, their Hall face off is on February 11, also at home. Freshmen start at 3:45 pm, JV follows at 5:15 pm and Varsity ends it at 6:45 pm.

Gymnastics is next, with a Hall v. Conard game on February 13, at 6:45 pm at Whiting Lane Elementary school.

Boys and girls ice hockey are both having amazing seasons with an even win/loss record and for the girls only two losses! For boys on February 25, they are facing North Branford at 7:40 pm at Veterans Memorial Ice Skating Rink. The girls next game is Senior Day at the home rink, on February 16. They will face Wilton, Norwalk and McMahon at 1:10 pm.

Indoor track for boys and girls don’t have any home meets, however the New England Championship will be on March 2. More details to come on that.

Boys swimming and diving are doing really well this year, with many wins. Their Hall v. Conard game will take place on February 19 at Cornerstone Aquatics Center at 7:30 pm.

Finally, there is wrestling, also having a good season. For wrestling there are no home games, but the Hall game is on February 6, at 5 pm at Hall High.

Those are all the newest games and updates on winter sports here at Conard. For more information about schedules and game times, check the Conard website under the Athletics Tab!

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