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Ally Buyak

Ello once again! I am so excited to give y’all some epic music recommendations this month! Honestly music means so much to me and I love sharing my favorite songs with people, especially my fellow Conard Chieftains! To start off my recommendations I think it only makes sense to shout out my husband Lil Wayne. Wow. Just wow. Talk about a comeback! I am just so extremely proud of him because he really was out of the game for so long... and then he slides back in and drops the most fire album. The entire is album is lit but the most catchy song is definitely “Uproar.” It has got to be one of the biggest bangers of 2018. Another song I really love from “Tha Carter V” has got to be “Let It Fly” ft. the iconic Travis Scott. I just think whenever you put two legends together, legendary stuff will happen. Another song I love from this album is “Don’t Cry” ft. XXXTENTACION (Rip.). One more favorite is “Dedicate” because it is just so catchy and extremely fun to dance to. Lil Wayne really just has the best and most creative lyrics, so catch me using them for my Instagram captions!!!

Honestly I feel like my whole month has just been about Lil Wayne because he is just the king. But waaaiiiiit... Billie Eilish. Major
wow. She is just so talented. When she released “when the party’s over” I just wanted to give her a huge hug. Her lyrics are so touching and will really make your emotions come through. She really is the youngest flexer of the century (Lil Tay who?) She is sixteen years old and is surpassing the unsurpassable!! Like teach me Billie!!!!

I’m gonna end this article by throwing it back to the good ole days. Sir Elton John. An icon. His classics like “Candle In The Wind,” “Someone Saved My Life Tonight,” and “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” have been some of my go-to songs this month. They are just so beautiful and easy to sing along too. If you listen to any of these songs please let me know!! Also if you have any recommendations for me feel free to share; I’d absolutely love that! Stay Gold guys!!!!

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