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Chieftains on the Volleyball Court

By: Safina Shakeel

Conard High School’s girls volleyball team has dominated its season, an extraordinary feat that demands some applause. With an impressive record of 17 wins and 2 losses, it has been an exciting season both on and off the court for the girls. 


Senior, Kallie Guerraz, an outside hitter, offers her perspective on the team. “The best part of being on the team is being able to spend everyday with my teammates whether it’s at practice, watching the JV game and chatting about our days or getting ice cream after our games.” Guerazz continues, “What makes us a good team is all of us love the game and want to improve in any way we can. We all either play club or have played in the offseason which helps us improve our skills…[and] benefits us as a whole.” 


Izzy Pincince, a senior outside hitter, who has played volleyball for four years talks about her pre-game experience. “My pre-game routine is...listen[ing] to music before we go and warm up. I like to sit by myself and just block out everything around me while I listen to my music during the JV game. It just helps me to be more relaxed and focused.” 


Kerry Roller, who has been coaching the Conard girls varsity team for 24 years now, expresses her favorite part about coaching. “ I love when I see a player get passionate about volleyball. Volleyball has been a part of my life since I was young and when I see former players start coaching and continue to play as adults it means a lot to me.” Roller believes that team chemistry is a leading factor in strong game performance. “Playing every point with purpose, and being able to keep momentum in a match are [also] key to winning.”  


It is clear that the Conard girls volleyball team has fought hard throughout their season. They worked and trained every day, earning them a well-deserved 17-2 record.

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