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By: Grace Policelli

The new restaurant on LaSalle Road in the center provides a healthy option for West Hartford residents. Freshii serves salads, wraps, burritos, bowls, and smoothies, each designed specifically to maximize nutrition. Every 90 days, the menu is reviewed and updated to include the newest nutritional and health food trends. 

Options range from Pangoa bowls with avocado and fiery BBQ sauce to the popular tortilla soup. There is also a custom option, where you can select each ingredient, building a salad or bowl totally from your own imagination. This option is a little more expensive, but allows for a custom meal to be made. 

The company was founded in New York in 2005, and now operates in over 300 locations across the world. The official restaurant slogan is “Eat. Energize” and can be found hanging on the wall in each location around the world. Freshii hopes to make healthy food more convenient and affordable for citizens around the globe.

The charcoal lemonade is a crowd favorite for many Conard students, which provides nutritional benefits all the while still tasting like regular lemonade. Fallon Moore (Grade 12) even commented, “My new favorite drink!”

Freshii is an easy way to eat healthier options on the go, and its new location across from Starbucks in the center makes it easily accessible. Go check out the newest edition to the center!

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