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Bon Voyage to the Node of Ranvier

By: Aidan Shea

All Stefardren could do was stare. He had witnessed it before, yet the numbness he had felt countless times renewed itself in his body. With the grinding of its gears and the silent wiring of its soul, the machine continued to dispel its wisdom. The essence of its creation, a lifeblood for those who request its existence. Stefardren waited patiently, watching as the machine came to a halt in its automation. The request had been fulfilled, yet Stefardren had never felt less so. The absence of sound was made only half bearable by the presence of what it created. Stefardren sighed. He took his drink from the AMC movie theater touch screen soda fountain and left to go watch the best movie of all creation: Morbius. As he walked away, he turned back to look one last time at the screen of that perfect machine. In return, it displayed the words that have touched so many: “It's Morbin time.”

- Master of Stories

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