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By: Sofia Turek















This is a watercolor painting of Adeelah. Adeelah was a singer and abandoned OC from my book Lost Legends, about a peaceful land called Takia being fished up from the sea. She was going to be a hero and be crowned Queen. But, I moved on from the book and did not even think of writing about it in the “Adopt A Character” thread in NaNoWrimo.








Are you disappointed because Conard lost the Conard vs. Hall football game? What TikTok songs do you listen to? Look at Random Football Player’s touchdown! So-and-so has a crush!


Instead of walking away, I say “Whatever.”

Specifically, this graphite drawing is a metaphor for whenever I feel disinterested in a conversation because I’m not interested in the topic. People get my attention to things I don’t care about. 

Know me. But I hide most of myself, even including facts like “I listen to Splatoon’s music even though I don’t play Splatoon.”, or “I watch Tasty (cooking show) every night, but my brother is more of the kid chef in our family.”, (both are true facts about me) which I have no reason to hide because many people know what those are!

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