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Welcome to The Decision Desk.

This election truly is extraordinary. We here at the Courant want to follow it every step of the way. We are not experts, and we're not pretending to be. We are just a group of high school students looking to express our interest in politics. This is best viewed on desktop.

Read information on tonight's Swing States

11:46 PM EST: The Conard Courant projects Joe Biden to the win the Presidency with 306 Electoral Votes.

Latest Leans

Updated: 11:46AM

(See Map)

Our Live Electoral Projection

Last Updated: 11:46 AM

Interactive Map Courtesy of 270towin

We are not political scientists, and this is by no means fact.

Featured Swing State Timelines

Asset 7.png
Asset 2.png

Click on a state to learn more!

Details will be added as the night progresses!

We're also following...

  • Arizona

  • North Carolina

  • Michigan

  • Georgia

  • Ohio

Reports of armed "constables" at multiple polling places in central Pennsylvania (AP)

[6:35 PM]

8:43 PM: Reports of Nevada Polls being extended, likely to delay results

Who's Behind the Desk?

Jayanth Karuturi

Ally Bernstein-Naples

Ethan Mathieu

Ryan Lafferty

Natalie Gavalis

Conard High School's Premier Student Forum and News Organization

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