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Georgia Runoffs

Final Calls Have Been Made

Vol. 2!

Welcome to The Decision Desk.

This election truly is extraordinary. We here at the Courant want to follow it every step of the way. We are not experts, and we're not pretending to be. We are just a group of high school students looking to express our interest in politics. This is best viewed on desktop. Viewing on mobile will cause you to miss out on key features.

Runoffs, explained.

By: Jayanth Karuturi

Why does this even matter?

By: Ryan Lafferty

Watch These Key Demographics

By: Alexandra Bernstein-Naples

Commentary From

The Desk

The Conard Courant | 5:03 EST

This concludes our second decision desk. We have projected that Ossof and Warnock will take both of their respective races. 

The Conard Courant | 11:20 EST

With Delkab County in, we can projected that Warnock will win his race. Ossoff, while behind numerically now, is likely to overtake soon.

Mathieu | 10:57 EST

This race has been one of the history books thus far, that's for sure. As of now, the Democrats look to have a real shot of clinching both seats. 

Lafferty | 8:18 EST

It’s still early, and many ballots have yet to be counted, but the results of mail-in ballots that have been released so far seem mildly promising for Democrats. Clayton County, for instance, recently announced a new set of 26,000 absentee ballots they have counted, and Ossoff won with 89% of the vote; last November, Biden won just 85% of absentee ballot votes in Clayton County. Of course, Democrats tend to do better with mail-in ballots than Republicans, and these are early results, so we’ll need more information to get a clearer picture of how the race is looking.

Karuturi | 7:37 EST

Vote returns are very sparse at this point and most vote is early vote that favors Democrats. However, two trends seem to be emerging: 1: Warnock is doing better than Ossoff, even if slightly, which could prove decisive in a close race. 2: The Democrats so far seem to be slightly exceeding expectations for their absentee ballot returns, although once again there must be heavy cautious as these are very early results.

County Discussion

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Key Counties

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Delkab County

Race #1


Race #2



We are not political scientists, and this is by no means fact.

Commentary Archive

Bernstein-Naples | 6:46 EST

Turnout in this special election is abnormally high, data from the state of Georgia finds that over 3 million people have cast early ballots in these twin senate elections. In Georgia’s last senate runoff election, in 2008, only a total of 2.1 million people voted.

Bernstein-Naples | 6:54 EST

Over 100,000 people who did not vote in the general election have already cast early ballots, of these new voters 40% were cast by Black Georgians, indicating an advantage for the Democrats.

Lafferty | 7:01 EST

Overall, voting in Georgia has been a rather smooth process today, with short lines and low waiting times at most polling centers, but at least half a dozen polling locations are being required to stay open later than initially intended due to unexpected problems and delays.

Mathieu | 7:04 EST

Most polls across Georgia have now closed, Dems have told their people to "brace" for potential early GOP lead. Abrams earlier described the race as being "tight".

Karuturi | 7:26 EST

Seems like there is heavy turnout late for GOP counties.

Who's Behind the Desk?

Jayanth Karuturi

Ally Bernstein-Naples

Ethan Mathieu

Ryan Lafferty

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