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Letter From the Editors - It's back!

Harsh budget cuts meant that the Conard Courant was forced to shut down for a year, but now it's back in a new online setup that allows for decreased costs and increased accessibility. We're thrilled to provide you once again with important information about your school, town, country, and world. Our first edition features details regarding AP class cuts at Conard, the West Hartford Public Schools' Health curriculum and its inclusion of LGBT students, new business openings in West Hartford, and the Connecticut gubernatorial election. You'll also find music and film criticism, the scoop on fall sports, and accounts of two Conard students' travels. This new format is bound to change, so please contact this year's editors - Xavier Blackwell-Lipkind, Cristina Gaudio, Fallon Hemingway, and Grace Kneidel - with suggestions. Most importantly, enjoy!

-The Editors

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