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Meet Florida

By: Jayanth Karuturi 

 A perennially shifting state, both parties find themselves locked in nail-biting contests for this crucial state each election. For Democrats, improving their numbers among seniors and white women is critical for their strategy to garner the state’s 29 electoral votes, whilst Republicans are looking to shrink the Democrats’ ordinarily large margins with Hispanic voters in the state. Whichever side can best materialize their strategy, can look forward to a good night here in the Sunshine State. Stick with the Conard Courant for more updates on the progression of Florida on election day.

[9:45ish] We are calling Florida for Trump. Miami-Dade was an interesting return and one of Biden's last chances for a quick turnaround.

[10:12 PM] One thing we're noticing is that Biden is underperforming when it comes to LatinX voters, both here and in Texas. Ultimately,

that's part of why we think he will lose here tonight.

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