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Meet Wisconsin 

By: Jayanth Karuturi 

In a state that shocked the political world in 2016 by voting for a Republican Presidential candidate for the first time since 1984, Democrats are looking to regain this state as it is a pivotal component of their path to the presidency. As Wisconsin has faced a large uptick in COVID-19 cases, Democrats are bullish that their strategy of hammering Republicans for Trump’s alleged mismanagement of the pandemic will deliver the state back in their fold, whilst Republicans are hoping to take advantage of the state’s very rural and white demographic composition to yet again deliver them a surprise victory. Stick with the Conard Courant for more updates on the progression of Wisconsin on election day.

[11:10] Wisconsin Election Chief said not to expect results until Wednesday.

[1:10PM] The Conard Courant gives a likely lean to Joe Biden in the State of Wisconsin 

[1:14PM] Trump Campaign Manager Announces  that Trump will pursue a recount "immediately" in Wisconsin (NBC-15)

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