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Letter From The Editorial Board - Winter Issue

Dear Conard,

We hope each of you are doing well or, at least, as well as you can be in these unusual times.

In this issue you'll find new perspectives on the debate surrounding the Conard "Chieftain", a critical look at the SAT, an interview with Conard's Stage Manager, an analysis of the safety of eating in the classroom, along with much, much more.

We here at the Courant hope that this issue can help inform you of what is transpiring in our school. The Courant always tries to push the envelope in order to provide you with the most quality. As a result, with this issue, we are introducing a "Frontpage" to our site. We hope that this can help you navigate what the paper has to offer by providing you with sneak-peaks of each section. Coupling this change is a particular emphasis on more timely journalism with "The Conard Debrief", which features short updates on what Conard's clubs/activities are up to, paired with a full article whenever possible.

Be sure to keep an eye on The Conard Debrief and the new Frontpage, which will bring news between issues!

We hope you enjoy exploring what this issue, alongside the new re-design, has to offer!


The Conard Courant Editorial Board


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