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Xavier Blackwell-Lipkind

Projected nationwide pupil/teacher ratio for public schools in 2018: 16.0

For private schools in 2018: 12.3

Estimated number of students, in millions, who will graduate from high schools in 2019: 3.6

Estimated percentage of those students that will graduate from private high schools: 11.1

Percentage of Harvard Class of 2019 students who graduated from private high schools: 35

Year in which Eisenhower added the phrase “under God” to the Pledge of Allegiance: 1954

Year in which suspected Communists Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were executed: 1953

Percentage of the US population that attended church in 1950: 57

That attended church in 1960: 63.3

Decade in which the Kit-Kat Club was founded as a London political organization: 1690

Year in which “Kit Kat” was trademarked by candy executive Joseph Rowntree: 1911

In which “Have a Break, Have a Kit-Kat” was first used as a slogan for the candy: 1958

Common number of “fingers” on American Kit Kats: 2

On Middle-Eastern Kit Kats: 3

Percentage of Americans who report feeling “very” confident that election systems are secure from technological threats: 8

Of Connecticutians: 16

Percentage of supporters of Democratic congressional candidates who view sexism as a “moderately” or “very” big problem in the U.S.: 89

Of supporters of Republican congressional candidates: 43

Factor by which supporters of Democrats are more likely to describe sexism as a “very big” problem than supporters of Republicans: 4

Number of trips, in millions, made in 2016 on bikes rented from bike-share systems in the U.S.: 28

Amtrak ridership, in millions, during fiscal year 2017: 31.7

Percentage of automobiles purchased in 2017 that were SUVs: 34

Factor by which the initials “J.S.” are more common than the initials “J.G.” among employees at a large U.S. software company: 2.9

Most popular U.S. male and female baby names, respectively, in 2017: Liam, Emma

Most popular Connecticut male and female baby names, respectively, in 2017: Noah, Olivia

Percentage of Connecticutians under 5 years of age: 5.1

Over 65 years of age: 16.8

Percentage of Connecticutians under age 65 who live with one or more disabilities: 7.2

Who lack health insurance: 6.4

All of these statistics were the most recent available at the time of publication.

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