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What the 2020 Election Could Look Like

By: Ethan Mathieu

Voting is integral to any Democratic system. It allows the government to reset and ensure that it is representative of the people that it seeks to manage. It holds legislators and bureaucrats accountable for the decisions they make; it's what differentiates us from an authoritarian state. But with COVID-19 spreading through the US, killing thousands each day, with little sign of stopping by November, an integral institution to our republic is under threat.

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COVID-19 and Its Lasting Effects on American Politics.

By: Andrew Maglio

Professors at some of our country's leading universities believe that COVID-19 may radically alter political culture in the United States: what patriotism looks like, the role of the individual, and possibly a reversal in the 50-year trend of escalating partisan polarization.

Covid Economy: The Global Market with the Mask Off

By: Connor Reardon

For several months now, Connecticut, as well as many other states have been in a state of quarantine. Stocks have plummeted, 30 million Americans have filed for unemployment, and the world market has come to a near standstill. As a result of events in a foreign country on whose exports the US economy is highly dependent, our own economy has ground to a halt, and continues to degrade despite trillions of dollars being injected by the government. 

COVID-19: The Basics

By: Isabelle Burnett-Herkes

For many, this is the first time they are hearing the word "Coronavirus". Learn the basic facts you need to understand what we are up against.

COVID-19 and Civil Liberities

By: Ethan Mathieu

As COVID-19 descends upon our way of life, some Americans have questioned whether or not the public health requirements for disease eradication are conflicting with the statutes of the Constitution. What these protestors fail to understand is that the fight against COVID-19 is much like a war. President Trump himself, despite his slow and lax response to the crisis, described it as such. To win a war, the entire population must be ready to make sacrifices.

Novel Coronavirus: Comparison of National Responses

By: Ryan Lafferty

As COVID-19, or the “coronavirus,” has spread across the globe – with nearly 200,000 confirmed cases around the world – infecting countries from China to Iceland to Egypt to Uruguay, national governments everywhere have rushed to respond.

How to Cope During 

By: Rebeccah Fleischmann

Coronavirus has drastically altered our way of life. Learn how to cope with that fact here!

Coronavirus Through Literature

By: Eli Wizevich

In the past few months, I have had the uncanny chance to read two novels detailing the outbreak of deadly pandemics, similar to COVID-19: Blindness and Albert Camus’ The Plague. In this article, I hope to bring the reader some clear insight into the human response to these epidemics and to inspire the reader into viewing and analyzing our own predicament critically.

COVID-19: Myth v. Fact

By: Rebeccah Fleischmann

The coronavirus pandemic is in actuality two outbreaks: that of SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for the disease COVID-19, and that of misinformation. But, have no fear, the Conard Courant is here to dispel the circulating myths and elucidate which commonly believed statements are true and which are false. Our primary objective here at the Conard Courant is to keep you and your family healthy and safe during these trying times.

Coronavirus: What's the Best Case, What's the Worst Case

By: Ryan Lafferty

Many of us are likely wondering how long this life of seclusion will last: while Governor Lamont has proclaimed that schools are to be closed until late April, the dire predictions of national and regional public health organizations suggest that “distance learning” and “social distancing” may be with us for longer than we may have previously imagined. But, just how bad can the situation get?

West Hartford Schools Close Amid Coronavirus Concerns

By: Ethan Mathieu

West Hartford has recently joined its neighboring districts in Connecticut and across the United States in closing its schools. COVID-19’s recent classification has forced the world to make difficult choices in order to bring about its defeat. One of those decisions is how to treat large gatherings of people, namely school.

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