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Conard Students Celebrate School Spirit Week

By: Claire Flynn and Andrew Maglio


During the week of November 15, Conard celebrated Spirit Week by dressing up in different costumes that corresponded with each day’s theme. These festive themes were Pajama Day on Monday, Anything But a Backpack Day on Tuesday, Decades Day on Wednesday, Multicultural Day on Thursday, and Color Wars on Thursday. All students and faculty were welcome to participate, which often led to fun spectacles throughout the hallways as Conard’s creative costumes added joy to the Conard school day.


While all students participated all 5 days, there was markedly high participation on Monday, when students donned pajamas, and Friday, when each grade level was assigned to wear a different color. (Freshmen wore black; sophomores wore grey; juniors wore white; seniors wore red.)

At Spirit Week’s final event, the school-wide pep rally, students stood according to grade, or color. From 1:45-2:15 pm on Friday afternoon, students and faculty watched a program designed by the student council. The event began with a cheerleading performance and was followed by a student-faculty dodgeball game.

Spirit Week was planned ahead of the annual Hall-Conard football game held this year at Hall High School on November 20th.

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