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New Student Council Named

By: Connor Reardon

In the week leading up to the contentious 2020 Presidential Election, we had our own election here at Conard. The Student Council’s executive board was chosen by the student body from a large list of very capable candidates. Our new board members are Natalie Delacruz (senior) as President, Tolu Adetola (senior) as Vice President, myself (junior) as Recording Secretary, and Will Kuhnly (junior) as historian.


Despite campaigning with different objectives, this executive board has already met, and acted, with surprising cohesion. The board quickly reached consensus on long-term goals for the year, and has already demonstrated both the commitment and creativity to achieve said goals. It seems the matter which will be at the forefront of the board’s agenda this year is facilitating at much communication as possible between itself, the school’s administration, and the student body. The President, VP, Historian, and myself were all in agreement that focusing on communication will be imperative due to the distance in our community which has sprung up in the wake of the pandemic, and the constantly looming uncertainty about our school situation.


The board has already come up with a number of ideas to facilitate improved communication as well as representation of any expressed student interests, not to mention additional objectives for the year. At this time, the board has created two major methods of communication. First, a CHS student council instagram, and a more ingenuitive measure: Student Council office hours, open to the public. The Instagram can be found @ConardSC, and office hours will be held on a bi-weekly basis. In order to be as active and participatory as possible, the board members have committed to meet every other Wednesday at 2:00 PM. However, the weeks between these meetings will not be idly wasted. Instead, on Wednesdays where the council does not meet for normal discussion, office hours will be held, where students will be free to join to voice ideas, concerns, or questions to their representatives. A definitive schedule will likely be released to the student body after the new board has had time to crystallize. 


The CHS executive board encourages everyone to make their voices heard, and keep themselves informed! Updates regarding Council activity will be posted on Instagram (@ConardCS), and that is most likely the most convenient way to reach your Council members. 

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