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Conard Boys Swimming and Diving Review

By: Jeff Rosborg & Andrew Filotto

Adversity and challenges are factors that all sports must deal with every year, yet the story of Conard Swimming during the 2021-2022 season so far is one that can be acknowledged as exceptional and in deservance of respect. Almost all sport teams, be them high school or big league, have faced members getting COVID-19 which takes its toll, as players are out of commission until they are cleared to return to practices and competitions. The Conard Boys Swimming and Diving team has had a precarious roster size due to COVID-19, and due to the size of the team, each member taken away made conditions rockier for the rest.  During the first 2 meets, fortunately only 1 swimmer was absent, yet each meet after that, the number of swimmers able to compete declined, thus making it more difficult for the team to succeed in meets, especially when compared to other teams with more swimmers. Regardless of the negative impact that COVID-19 has had on the team, the combined efforts of their coach substituting other members in positions originally held by members out sick and unable to participate, and the team’s determination to triumph over tragedy, the Conard Boys Swimming and Diving team was able to stay strong all the way through their season; they have still won meets and broken personal records, indicating their time on the team has been put to good use.


For those curious about the procedure winter sports players had/have to follow, after a positive test, there is a quarantine time of 5-10 days depending on the rules issued by Conard at the time a member was tested positive. A return-to-play protocol is then followed which consists of 7 days of a gradual return to practices since COVID-19 brings the possibility of potential heart complications after contracting the virus, especially in young males who are most prone to experiencing these issues. The protocol starts off with 2 days of 15 minute light activity, then 1 day of 30 minute simple movement activity, 1 day of a 45 minute progression to more complex training, 2 days of 60 minute normal training activity, and finally day 7 would be a full return to participation in practices or competitions. The number of days that you follow these instructions are the minimum number of days required, and athletes can always practice for less time than recommended according to how they feel during their return to practice.












Wednesday, February 2nd marked the first time the collective swim and dive team competed together. Conard won against Simsbury with a score of 91-90, but this victory could not have been achieved without the combined efforts of each member of the team. This meet was the first time freshman Henry Plocharczyk dove; he is a very welcome asset who will be vital in the remainder of the diving season. Sophomores Nick Hall and Alex Petit both obtained auto-cuts for state (CCC) championships in the 200 and 500-yard freestyle respectively. Other members who have made it to state championships, as of now, include Daniel Kamin for diving and Keaden Nguyen who made the 100-yard backstroke cut along with Nick Hall. There were a plethora of best times achieved by the swimmers as well: Nick Hall in the 200 and 100-yard freestyle, Lucas Steadman in the 200 yard IM (individual medley) and 100-yard freestyle, Andrew Filotto in the 50 and 100-yard freestyle, Andrew Phan in the 50-yard freestyle and 100-yard butterfly, Nathan Lowney in the 50-yard backstroke, 50-yard freestyle, and the 500-yard freestyle, Ethan Hunt in the 50-yard freestyle, Jeremy Hunt in the 50 and 100-yard freestyle, Jack Rich in the 50-yard backstroke, Michael Burns in the 100-yard backstroke, Christian Hunt in the 100-yard breaststroke, and Yohannes Robson in the 100-yard breaststroke. The top times on the team so far this season listed by event are as follows: 






Overall, the Conard Boys Swimming and Diving team has been and will continue to be dedicated, persevering fighters who truly are a force to be reckoned with in the water despite not always having a full roster and not having the famed “pasta party” feasts usually held before swim meets. There are only 3 meets left: Farmington, North West Catholic, and Hall before the state (CCC) championships. For the latest updates on the team, be sure to follow Conard_Boys_SwimmingAndDiving on Instagram and tune in to the live streams of the meets on the West Hartford Community Interactive Youtube channel. Here's to a successful rest of the season for the boys swim team. 

Go, Conard!

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(1-5) Filotto, McGrath, and Rosborg

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