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Call Jane: A Call To Action

By: Emma Marcella

Following the life of a housewife in the 60s, Jane is thrilled over the news of her pregnancy. It isn’t until Jane realizes the threat her unborn child has on her own life that she realizes she must terminate her pregnancy. Being a woman in the 60s, Jane seeks out an underground group of women to help her carry out the termination of her pregnancy.

Elizabeth Banks' character Jane is named after the women's group the "Janes" from the 60s, who united to provide nearly 12,000 women and girls with safe and secure abortions in secret. At the time of filming, there was much less controversy over the message behind the film. However, after the recent overturn of Roe v. Wade, Call Jane plays a much more significant role in today’s society.












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It’s incredible to think that from the time the “Janes” existed to the present day, we would be exactly where we were 60 years ago. Why is it that the government overturned Roe v. Wade? More importantly, why is it still a debate? While the reasons behind each pro-lifer vary, it seems that religion is a common theme amongst most of the reasons. Personally, I was raised Catholic, and the idea that everything I do in my present life will affect me in the afterlife has never resonated with me. But I am not here today to speak about the legitimacy of God. That's not my place nor my concern. While the debate about God’s existence is ongoing, one thing I know is real: women.


Below is an interview between Alex Cooper, the host of the well-known podcast, Call Her Daddy, and a protester outside of an abortion clinic in North Carolina. 

COOPER: "Do you think it would be helpful if men all at a young age got vasectomies and then, when they were ready to financially be able to support a child, then they’d get it reversed?" 
MAN: "Are you suggesting that the government institute that as, as a government program?" 
COOPER: "Well, at this point, we're regulating the uteruses we could also regulate the penises, right?" 
MAN: "I mean…"
COOPER: "If we’re forced to have the kids." 
MAN: "If you believe that." 
COOPER: "Well, I’m just asking you, do you think that would help?" 
MAN: "I don't know. I don't think it would be helpful for society."


Based on this interview above, it is clear that the debate about abortion has little to do with the desire to continue unborn life, but rather the need to control the lives of already grown women. Call Jane is yet another opportunity to discuss this prominent issue in the U.S.

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