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Why is Hoco a No-go?

By: Emily Fleischmann

As a sixteen-year-old trying to make the most out of my teenage years, major milestones are very important to me. Similarly, many students want to experience things that allow them to fulfill their "teenage dream," in the wise words of Katy Perry. One of the major events that have historically been romanticized by teenagers is, you guessed it: homecoming. Ever since my childhood, I can remember watching movies about the true high school experience, which never failed to include a homecoming dance. Many students have patiently waited to enjoy our very own dance at Conard High School. However, when it comes to the number of actual attendees at this annual dance, the number of students who went last year was extremely low compared to the size of the student body. 

What is the reasoning behind this deficit in participation? It's extremely frustrating to want to go to this school event while none of my friends or peers seem to show the same interest. A stigma looms over homecoming at Conard High School. When asking others to join me in attending the dance, I’ve received responses like, "Hell nah." This was crushing to my spirit, as going with people I care about was something I'd looked forward to. Yet, this event is characterized in a negative light by many students. It's viewed as "lame" and "weird," causing people to avoid engaging in this event at all costs.


Nonetheless, this depiction is not unwarranted. Our homecoming is notoriously recognized as unexciting. This is mainly due to the fact that, in past years, some important aspects of the dance had restrictions. For example, due to the fact that homecoming was hosted in Conard High School's gym instead of at Town Hall, students were prohibited from wearing high heels. In-hand, students were not allowed to put together the full outfits they had intended. Also, tickets to this event were extremely pricey considering the budget of high school students. It cost $30 for a single ticket, while at Hall High School, tickets to their homecoming were 66% cheaper, costing only $10 a piece. 

The time period that this dance took place majorly affected the attendance. Students had to wear face masks, as COVID-19 was still rampaging through the community. This was an added rule that could have caused students to have a more unfavorable experience. Furthermore, this dance occurred in December, rather than during a warmer month. The lateness of this dance compared to the earlier timing of traditional homecomings could’ve swayed students away from participating.

Students Pictured at the 2021 Conard High School Homecoming Dance

These are some of the main reasons that the 2021 homecoming had low attendance. However, this November 18, 2022, Conard High School’s homecoming will be hosted at town hall. There will be no face mask requirement; it's during a less frigid month and is in a new location. Students should consider giving the dance a chance this year, as these changes could allow for a better atmosphere for the event!

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