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Cat Adoption Patterns

By: Vivien Hudec

At the rescue, adoption rates are always changing, depending on the month and the age, breed, and behavior of cats. According to Marcy Percival, a volunteer for CT Cat Connection in Windsor, the number of adoptions can range from “50 to 80 per month." The most popular months are “November and December, since people often adopt cats as gifts for Christmas." During these months, adoptions can reach eighty to ninety cats in just one month. Verifying this, in November 2023, 86 cats were adopted. In many regards, this may seem like a positive situation, but it is best to avoid giving animals as gifts. For example, the recipient may not be aware of the commitment and responsibility of owning a pet. Pets are both financial and emotional commitments and shouldn’t be given as a surprise. Holiday pets are a leading reason for the increase in shelter appearances and stray animals.


Britney the Cat

Nevertheless, adopting a pet is the best option if a person is in need of an animal. It is best to avoid breeders since there are so many loving animals in need of homes in shelters. A future adopter should consider adopting the less desirable cats. These include "black""cats"—"people are superstitious” and see them as bad luck—cats with shy personalities, cats in need of medical attention, and cats who have experienced traumatic events. For example, Britney (pictured) has been at the shelter “for a long time." And since she has been through so much trauma, she no longer trusts humans; no one is allowed “to touch her,” as she will hiss or scratch if provoked. Percival thinks she “will likely end up being a barn cat" who helps control mouse populations.

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