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A Junior Reflects on Her Year

By: Julia Hosek

Wow. What a year. I think we can all agree that this school year brought upon a lot of challenges. I would like to take the time to reflect on what just happened, as well as look towards the future. Personally, my school year actually went really well. I’ve had the best grades of my scholarly career, I stuck through the month of AP exams, and I made it out of my junior year unscathed. Besides the weekly breakdowns caused by the hours of homework I spent doing every night, there really isn’t anything to complain about. Sure, I remember absolutely nothing from the months of November to March, but there's not much to recall when each day was an endless cycle, living the same day over and over again. But I guess it could just be chalked up to this being my junior year. I seriously have no complaints though, I’m sure the majority of people will find this experience familiar.


Now that more and more people are getting the vaccine, there are conversations about life finally gaining some normalcy. Contrary to my excitement for this whole thing to end, I am already tired of what I will hear once life resumes back to normal. Beware, I do not want to be a part of any conversation that starts with “How was your pandemic?” or “I feel naked without my mask!”, and please don’t come up to me cheerily asking “Uhh… can we hug now?”. I mean this in the most respectful way, I do not want to touch you. For those of you who got the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine, congratulations on being vaccinated! But to my Johnson and Johnson folks, hang in there bud.


In these fleeting days leading up to summer, it is clear that teachers and students are burnt out. Although I am excited to do absolutely nothing for the next 2 and a half months, I can’t help but shake the feeling of my impending doom. Senior year. Growing up is inevitable, but it is coming a lot faster than I had anticipated. It sucks to finally appreciate your childhood just when it is ending. I wish someone would have kicked my 10 year old self in the face and urged me to enjoy absolutely no responsibilities. But alas, my time in high school is nearing its end. I honestly can’t continue writing about this. It's too depressing, so instead I am switching the mood. With this school year coming to a close, I hope everyone has the summer vacation they deserve.


Enjoy your summer Conard!

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