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Conard Students Win At UConn Model UN

By: Katelyn Czajkowski


Conard High School's Model UN Club has yet again proved to be a beacon of pride for our school, with many of our well-spoken delegates winning awards at UCONN's annual Model UN Conference (UCMUN) held from Friday, November 5th, to Sunday, November 7th. After a year of virtual practices and canceled conferences, Conard's Model UN Club traveled to Storrs to compete with other schools across New England, where they practiced their public-speaking skills and built relationships with other students. 


Simply put, Model United Nations is a simulation of the United Nations, an intergovernmental organization that seeks to maintain international peace between nations. At these meetings, delegates from countries around the world argue their positions on specific topics, fighting for their government's ideas and opinions to be heard and supported. As one might expect, countries often disagree over what has to be done to combat problems that affect the entire world. Arguments over what should be done to alleviate crises can cause heated debate, increasing tensions between nations to flare and threatening global peace. As a result, diplomats who can peacefully assert their ideas while defending their interests are highly valued and sought after, demonstrating the importance of the skills that Model UN teaches students. 


Weeks before local conferences (or competitions), students are assigned countries to represent and complete extensive research on, with the goal of remaining faithful to their nation's economic, social, and political policies. Students are also assigned committees to participate in, examples being the Commission on the Status of Women, the International Law Commission, and the Disarmament and International Security Committee. Skilled delegates can shine in these committees by starting conversation, participating in caucasus (debates), and by leading their group to draft resolutions (final agreements and statements on the topic). 


Conard High School is proud to say that many of our delegates have impressed their Chairs and won awards in their respective committees, being named ‘Most Improved Delegate,’ ‘Outstanding Delegate,’ and finally, ‘Best Delegate,’ the highest distinction in most committees. The Conard Courant applauds their fine work and thank them for positively representing Conard High School at such a fierce competition. 


Andrew Maglio: Best Delegate

Aidan Shea: Best Delegate

Jarrett Moster: Best Delegate

John Hasluan: Outstanding Delegate

Luke Hyland: Outstanding Delegate

Noah Koffman-Adsit: Most Improved

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