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The College Application Process

By: Chase Rovero

The college application process is a time of uncertainty and stress, as application deadlines loom over seniors’ heads. Over the past few decades, advancements in technology have provided students with an easier method of applying to colleges. For instance, the development of Naviance and Common Application has made it easier for students to enter all essential information into one location. Not only that, but both websites link together, allowing students to easily apply to multiple schools without having to resubmit the same information. Conard’s Junior and Senior Workshops have also simplified certain aspects of the process, giving students dedicated periods to work on their applications.


Although the aforementioned websites are effective for many students, others struggle to navigate their way through the complexities of each database. As a current high school senior, I can confirm that this process is not quite as easy as it is made out to be. Students are expected to repeat the same steps: listing all of their extracurriculars with descriptions; sharing out personal family information; answering school-specific questions along with the personal essay we are required to submit; and much more. I, along with multiple other seniors, agree that this has become a long and arduous process. In fact, Conard High School senior Gabriella Nobou said, "It stresses me out because I feel like there is so much we are expected to know...going through all those questions, half way through you feel like giving up...". Another Conard senior, Makaila Sawyer, shared similar thoughts regarding the matter, stating, "It’s so unnecessarily long."

From the opinions shared by my classmates, it is evident that this highly praised method of applying to college is not shared by all students. The use of these websites can be so overwhelming that it’s almost discouraging students from applying to college altogether. As senior year is a special time in high schoolers’ lives, it is unfortunate that students feel this way while taking the next step into their future. It is currently unknown whether this process will be changed in the years to come, but perhaps student feedback on the Senior Workshops will have an impact on the process. I believe student opinion should be factored into the planning and updating of these workshops in the future to better meet students’ needs.

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