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Three Festive Fall Activities Inspired by Pinterest

By: Bryn Huber

October is a month of endless "to-do" lists, but not a single item listed is checked off. Whether it’s due to the demanding fall sports or the flood of the questionable amount of work assigned in Quarter 1, fall is a busy time of year. In this article, I will add to the list of must-do fall activities that will most likely never get done. 


First off, baking ghost donuts with friends. I saw this on tiktok and immediately knew I had to do it, completely disregarding the fact that I cannot bake to save my life. Really, just cooking in general is a struggle for me. Just ask the kids I babysat for when I almost gave them raw craft mac and cheese. Nonetheless, ghost donuts are yummy and fun to bake with friends, as you can each decorate your own ghost and see who made the best one. Overall, a fun activity that I would do if I could.









Ghost Donuts

Secondly, a great fall activity is going to smell fall-scented candles at Target. An oddly specific activity, but a good one. Have I ever done it? No, but it sounds like it would be really fun! I also love candles, so bias is present within this recommendation. Plus, while in Target, you can go look at other fall-related decorations and go down the never-ending aisle-scanning journey. Though fall items may be hard to come by, as by mid-October, apparently, it’s time for Christmas, which disregards Thanksgiving enthusiasts or last minute Halloween shoppers like myself. Seriously annoying, but that's a different article. This activity can also be done throughout the fall as it is not a Halloween-originated activity like the ghost donut. I mean, no one is stopping you from making a ghost donut in November, but in general, I think we can all agree it is a Halloween activity.







Fall scented candle

Last but not least, a great fall activity is going to bookstores! Going to Barnes and Nobles in the center just to look around and romanticize books is my idea of a good time. Of course, it isn't fun when you're looking for one book and can’t find it, but you can find a totally random book on a totally random topic that almost no one would want to buy. I'm not speaking from personal experience or anything. Regardless, going to bookstores with friends just to look around is a fantastic evening activity. You could also just walk around the center afterwards. My friends and I often find ourselves people-watching and getting bored after 30 minutes because all there are are expensive restaurants. Overall, an interesting activity where maybe you'll find a book that you love!

Books on an Autumn day

Though there are a million other activities to do in the fall, I am struggling to think of any creative ones, so I will leave this to a three-part list. Some basic but honorable mentions are: going on walks, going apple picking, sweater shopping, and more! There is nothing wrong with basic fall activities, but I thought I would give you some random, but interesting ones to try out one day. All in all, as the days get shorter and the nights get colder, fall is a time to enjoy the outdoors with loved ones before winter rolls around.

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