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This Isn't Me

By: Sofia Turek

Let me express myself


Come to my house


Take my ugly face
and you’ll find beauty in me as a person
Take the football shirt 
and you’ll find out that I made that for Sports Day
Take the earrings I have 
and you’ll find that those are a gift because people think I’m feminine


I, Aster
am misunderstood
treated like a weed
I question if I
should share myself


And I do.


“Hey! You’re just a boy?”
Kids ask me
Yes and no
My name’s Aster
I don’t follow
gender’s expectations


“Your face…”
Disregard that
I am a rose
There are thorns on me
But like me as a person
Not hate me as a model


It was hard work
Sharing myself
I had to ignore 
Everyone else

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