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Allison Moynihan and Elizabeth Thibault

Trick or Treat Street, the annual Freshman and Sophomore Class Board event, happened in the Conard hallways on Friday, October 26 from 4-6 pm. It was so much fun for the 200+ kids who attended and the Conard volunteers, and the event was a great success. Everyone was dressed as fun characters, from princesses to Bob Ross! We also saw a chandelier, some fun race cars, and even a blow-up dinosaur costume. It was easy to tell that all the participants were having a great time.

All the kids happily trick-or-treated from one room to the next, and each room had about two freshman or sophomore volunteers. Tickets were three dollars with a canned food donation, and four dollars without. As per usual, the proceeds went to reducing the costs of the classes of 2021 and 2022’s senior activities. A huge thank you to Stop & Shop for supplying all the candy and donating $200 in gift cards! As for the canned food donation and the gift card money, they were donated to the West Hartford Food Pantry. It was a win-win for everyone.

     The event raised $675 to go toward the freshman and sophomore classes. Additionally, Conard sent 5 boxes filled with donated canned foods to the West Hartford Food Pantry.

Included are some pictures of some Conard teachers and staff who brought their kids (and grandkids) to Trick or Treat Street!

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