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Girls in the Library


Fallon Hemingway

    First semester is finally over, and with that comes the end of midterms. Even though I am sure no one wants to think about midterms, this is a good time to reflect. If you did not do as well as you hoped or you simply want to have a motivated study session, consider coming to Study with a Buddy prior to your finals.

Every year the National Honor Society hosts a program called “Study with a Buddy.” Students from any grade can come and study with a student in the National Honor Society. You can work one-on-one or in groups with the NHS members. It is a great way to get help and really understand what you are learning. NHS members sign up for specific subjects, so there will always be someone who can help you in any area in which you need support. If you are more food-motivated than grade-concerned, there are also snacks!

For midterms this year, lots of students showed up to ask questions and work in groups, so there is no need to feel like you will be the only student there. Study with a Buddy is a great opportunity and should definitely be taken advantage of when preparing for finals. As a member of the National Honor Society, I know my friends and I are always willing to assist other students and offer our support. We hope to see you there!

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